Supply Chain


Plastech Corporation provides best in class services that are strategically focused to our business and our customers. The supply chain team supports the business strategy by developing and managing processes in procurement, planning and logistics. This enables Plastech to manufacture products at the highest quality and lowest total supply chain cost while supporting our customers, vendors and our internal operations.

Supply Chain Management

Plastech Corporation sources components, materials and services worldwide. We understand our supply chain impacts not only our activities but extends to the activities of our suppliers.  Plastech Corporation only works with suppliers who can provide us with the goods and services we need, while not exposing their employees, or their local environment, to risks which are unacceptable. Performance of Human Rights, Health & Safety and Environmental issues are a key part of our sourcing strategies.

We qualify our suppliers by visiting with each one to understand how they treat their workforce, understand how they are meeting legal and regulatory compliance, as well as health, safety and environmental standards. Where appropriate we establish agreements with our customers and our vendors to create an understanding of how we will do business together. Plastech Corporation performs business in an ethical and professional manner.


We utilize an ERP system to efficiently run our business operations. We utilize MRP and real time monitoring to schedule production runs and observe material consumption and finished goods inventory as it is being processed. We also monitor our utilization, scrap rates and production efficiencies to ensure we are delivering quality products to our customers when they need it.

Customer Managed Inventory

We have 200,000 sq. ft. of storage space to support our customers’ need to receive their product just in time. We work with our customers to develop efficient run quantities and stocking agreements that keep costs low. We also have 13,500 sq. ft. of tool storage where we maintain our customers’ tools while they are in use at our facility.